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feeling artistic today
Posted on: 7/4/23

First blog! Continued on learning about art, anatomy etc. been practicing drawing since like last year and i've been improving! What really interests me about art is that art requires a creative mind and skill, whether your skill is bad or not it doesn't matter! art is another way of expressing your emotion and feelings through an empty canvas (o^▽^o)

the most boring day
Posted on: 7/5/23

Today I woke up at 7am and surprisingly saw a phone i was confused at first but then i used it then I realized it had been charged overnight, At 9am is where my boring day begins my mother forced me and my siblings to stay upstairs and bring my laptop because there were people repairing our sink downstairs since it was broken, we stayed upstairs for 9am to 5pm me and my brother had to share my laptop, then at 4 or 5pm I just decided to work on my site a little bit then wait until I could go downstairs and keep workin on my site. (this blog was posted when I got downstairs)

an unexpected twist?
Posted on 7/6/23

Today was like yesterday but it was different so we were upstairs for 9am til 12 my mom and siblings went downstairs to eat lunch then at around 3 or 4pm it was just like my daily routine so uh yeah nothing really happened

normal day
Posted on 7/7/23

Today is just a normal day I keep imagining what will my new layout be like, I am very imaginative with a huge habit of daydreaming so later at 3pm I'm gonna start working on my site

New look!
Posted on: 8/8/23

First blog in August! I got a new Haircut since school is starting and now I look like liko!! I'm very excited to meet my classmates!

A good day or..
Posted on: 10/20/23

Uhmmmm nothing really happened today but when it was dismissal UHMMM.... I was thrilled when i saw my crush ehe